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37th Los Angeles Marathon – 3/20/22

The 37th running of the Los Angeles Marathon will take place on Sunday, March 20th. The marathon begins at Dodger Stadium early in the morning and ends at the Santa Monica Pier.

Part of the course passes directly through Hollywood and causes several road closures. While the marathon is in progress, there will be times when you’re unable to enter or exit the building via vehicle.

Additional information about the race can be found at

Construction Update

The major demolition portion of the project is to begin within the next seven days. This includes a lot of jackhammering which will cause noise and vibrations to carry through units on the higher floors. The jackhammering is estimated to take a minimum of four weeks to complete.

If you work from home and the demolition makes it very difficult for you to make a conference call or attend a Zoom meeting, please contact management about using the manager’s office that’s located on the third floor. If the management office is unavailable, there’s wi-fi available to everyone in the lobby. Please note that masks must be worn at all times when working in the common areas.

When the demolition is in progress, you may experience minimal delays with entering and exiting the garage area. This will be due to the removal of dumpsters that will hold all of the demoed material that gets removed from the roof. The dumpsters will be removed multiple times per day. Each time that a removal occurs, project supervision will be present to direct traffic and make the removal as soon as possible for everyone.

Please contact management at with any questions in regards to the rooftop construction.

Temporary Gym Now Open

As a result of the rooftop construction, a temporary gym is now open for everyone to use. The gym is located on the third floor, in the garage area next to the management office. There’s one treadmill, one elliptical, two bicycles, dumbbells, weight benches, medicine balls, and a few other items for your use.

To access the gym, please contact the front desk at (323) 251-8732.

Rooftop Construction to Begin – 1/24/22

The much anticipated rooftop construction project will begin on January 24, 2022. The scope of work at the beginning of the project will be concrete deck saw cutting, demoing of concrete for exploratory work, and planter excavation.

With construction beginning on January 24th, this will be the last weekend when you will be able to utilize the pool and gym for the next eight to nine months as nobody will have access to the roof. The freight elevator will also be reserved for the construction crew every week, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. During these times, please utilize the elevators in the main lobby to access your floor(s).

We will be relocating a few items from the gym to the third floor of the parking garage that everyone will be able to use. There is a limited number of outlets in the garage so we can only run one or two cardio machines. The free weights, exercise mats, and a few other items will also be available. Another option for everyone is to purchase a quarterly membership at Dream Hotel where you’ll have access to their full gym, pool, a few other amenities, and discounts. Please contact Dream Hotel at for more information.

During the construction period, it is very important that you coordinate all deliveries, and move-ins & outs with building management. If possible, a couple of weeks notice would be best as we will have to coordinate times with our general contractor.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please contact building management at

Rooftop Construction

For those of you that have been away from Broadway Hollywood, the first steps of the rooftop construction have begun. Scaffolding has been built along Vine Street and Hollywood Boulevard for the protection of pedestrians during the demolition phase of the project.

Scaffolding has also been constructed on one of the buildings southern facing balconies over the alley. The purpose of this scaffolding is to be part of a hoist system that will be used to transport construction materials to and from the roof.

No official commencement date has been announced as of yet, but expect the project to be in full swing within the next two or three weeks.


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